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Baby Swimming

At the heart of all that we do is baby swimming. Aquababies classes aim to educate parents whilst teaching them how to teach their child. We are the pioneers in structured lessons where each class is different. Swimming is a very repetitive sport so skills must be repeated until the child motor skills develop and they can put movements together. This has been taken this into consideration when the lesson plans are designed. Children have a short attention span, we teach essential skills and add variety to help absorb information whilst having fun! We must manage the parent’s expectations too, co-ordination comes with age or size so swimming takes time and they should exercise patience and just enjoying their swimming experience together. Our method is so successful because we have different teaching strategies for different age groups. Babies: We have over 25 different lesson plans for babies. Toddlers: The lesson are broken down into stages but repeated more than the babies to help toddlers swim as early as possible. Pre-School: We teach the foundations of structured lesson with an element of fun. Its important that children enjoy their learning process, the class should not be regimental. Highly Qualified Teachers All our teachers are qualified in all aspects of baby swimming. The teachers have aims and objectives. Children need songs to help them listen and relax but need to learn swimming skills too. So instead of classes that are just nursery rhyme based, we match songs to exercises to help them learn each skill. SAFETY is paramount, our teachers ensure that the parents are aware of the safety measures that must be put in place in any swimming environment. THIS TECHNIQUE IS WHY AQUABABIES ARE THE WORLDS LEADING SWIMMING COMPANY! Contact us to find out how we can  help you.


Our method of teaching for pre-school and older children is a combination of UK and Australian techniques where stroke style and structure is important but so is having fun. We help young children to develop their imagination by adding fun exercises into our lessons. Having caring teachers is a must!!


An addition to the PABA programs these classes have a vibrant vibe with Latin music and a combination of Salsa, Aqua aerobics for the parents and Aquababies swimming moves for the children.

Parent & Baby Aquafit (PABA)

A 30 minute aqua-based work out program for parents and babies. Designed to improve the parent’s fitness and to introduce the babies to the water.

Parent & Baby Spa

An effective sensory program that provides a calming and relaxing experience where parent and child bond together in their own private session. Ideal for new borns as the spa stimulates all the senses, bubbles/fountains for touch,music for sound, colourful lights for sight.


New for 2018 this is a unique sensory program this is a session full of fun stations using equipment that will enable a child to enjoy different sensory and strength exercises.

Build Your own Pool

Building your own Aquababies pool allows you complete flexibility and freedom. Creating your own bespoke pool is affordable and easier to maintain. This is a smart and secure investment which with our help provides you with the expertise and support to create the right pool for your business. Swim Spa pools options are also available and are easier to install Turn your dream business into a reality with the help of the pioneers in baby swimming.