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The method of teaching used by Julie-Ann James and Aquababies Global was first pioneered in Australia during the 1960s. Julie-Ann James was in fact one of the first children to be taught this way and she went on to be a competitive swimmer. Training 4 hours a day takes drive and dedication which lead to a life time passion for swimming.

Julie-Ann James spent many years researching baby swimming to create a program to educate parents how to teach their children, with health & safety being one of the main objectives.

She then took this revolutionary technique to the UK in 1991 where she launched the first specialist Baby and Toddler swimming company and since than has opened schools in 16 countries.

Her style and programs have been often imitated, but seldom equalled.

With over 30 years of expertise and knowledge Julie-Ann is as passionate about providing quality programs to help other companies to evolve, now with the support of her team of consultants providing an International service helping baby swim schools to be the best they can be.

Support & Training

We can train you in all aspects of running your own baby swim business which includes administration, contracts, advice on finding the right pool or location and customer service. We are dedicated to helping you as much as you need.

Julie-ann can create bespoke lesson plans for any group of swimmers that help to form a rolling business model. This helps to ensure that teachers have guidelines and that companies can create strategies based on her advice.

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